Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal 2001
Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal 2001

Story: In this expansion pack to "Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn", the main character, known as "Gorion's Ward", and his or her party are informed that the five most powerful children of the evil dead god Bhaal have joined and raised an army to hunt down all of their remaining Bhallspawn siblings, kill them and conquer the world through carnage in order to claim their father's infamous throne in the underworld as well as his power and his sinister title of Lord of Murder. In this final adventure of Gorion's Ward, three new chapters are added to the previous game. There are no new romance options and there's only one new potential companion available, although it's highly surprising who this person is. Another unusual element is that this character's alignment can be changed if properly influenced by the player. Gorion's Ward also creates a pocket dimension with his/her mind, where he/she must pass several challenges to determine his or her definite path. Several unique items and weapons can be created there. The game offers three endings that depend on the parties reputation and the main character's final choice. Only two of these endings can be achieved in a single playthrough. Ironically, and just like in the case of Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn, the player still never gets to visit the city of Baldur's Gate itself again at any point of this short game, nor does the city play any part in the game's plot or (side)quests in any way, shape or form whatsoever, despite its name being in the title. Also, the mystery behind the purpose of Golden Pantaloons, a popular infamous seemingly-useless unique item from Baldur's Gate 1, is finally reveled here, if the player makes three certain small (if highly unpopular) decisions, one in BG1, BG2 and this game each.
Release date: 21 Jun 2001
User Votes: 9.2
Countries: Canada,
MPAA Rating: G
Runtime: Not Available
Oscars: None
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